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Baladna Bób z Chilli 400g - FirasekBaladna Bób z Chilli 400g - Firasek
Sale price5,20 zl
Baladna Bób z Chilli 400gBaladna In stock
Baladna Bób z Cytryna 400g - FirasekBaladna Bób z Cytryna 400g - Firasek
Sale price5,50 zl
Baladna Bób z Cytryna 400gBaladna In stock
Save 8%
Baladna Bulgur Miękki 1kg - FirasekBaladna Bulgur Miękki 1kg - Firasek
Sale price12,95 zl Regular price14,00 zl
Baladna Bulgur Miękki 1kgBaladna In stock
Baladna Chałwa z Pistacja 5kg - FirasekBaladna Chałwa z Pistacja 5kg - Firasek
Sale price210,00 zl
Baladna Chałwa z Pistacja 5kgBaladna In stock
Baladna Chałwa z Pistacjami 700g - FirasekBaladna Chałwa z Pistacjami 700g - Firasek
Sale price29,50 zl
Halva with Pistachios 700gBaladna In stock
Baladna Ciemny bulgur 1kg - Firasek
Sale price12,00 zl
Baladna Ciemny bulgur 1kgBaladna In stock
Baladna Curry Mielony 60g - FirasekBaladna Curry Mielony 60g - Firasek
Sale price6,90 zl
Baladna Curry Mielony 60gBaladna In stock
Baladna Czarna Pieprz 65g - FirasekBaladna Czarna Pieprz 65g - Firasek
Sale price6,80 zl
Baladna Czarna Pieprz 65gBaladna In stock
Baladna Czarnuszka 45g - FirasekBaladna Czarnuszka 45g - Firasek
Sale price6,60 zl
Baladna Czarnuszka 45gBaladna In stock
Baladna Dry Mallow 200g(molochia) - FirasekBaladna Dry Mallow 200g(molochia) - Firasek
Sale price20,00 zl
Dry Mallow 200gBaladna In stock
Baladna Falafel 400g - Firasek
Sale price22,99 zl
Falafel 400g (Free Scoop)Baladna In stock
Save 30%
Baladna Freekeh 800g - FirasekBaladna Freekeh 800g - Firasek
Sale price22,50 zl Regular price32,00 zl
Freekeh 800gBaladna In stock
Baladna Goździk 20g - FirasekBaladna Goździk 20g - Firasek
Sale price5,00 zl
Baladna Goździk 20gBaladna In stock
Baladna Gruby Bulgur 1kg - FirasekBaladna Gruby Bulgur 1kg - Firasek
Sale price14,00 zl
Thick Bulgur 1kgBaladna In stock
Baladna Hummus Tahini Ostry 400g - FirasekBaladna Hummus Tahini Ostry 400g - Firasek
Sale price7,50 zl
Hummus Tahini Spicy 400gBaladna In stock
Baladna Hummus Tahini z Zaatar 400g - FirasekBaladna Hummus Tahini z Zaatar 400g - Firasek
Sale price7,50 zl
Hummus Tahini with Zaatar 400gBaladna Sold out
Baladna Imbir Mielony 65g - FirasekBaladna Imbir Mielony 65g - Firasek
Sale price7,80 zl
Baladna Imbir Mielony 65gBaladna In stock
Baladna Kwasek Cytrynowy 200g - FirasekBaladna Kwasek Cytrynowy 200g - Firasek
Sale price11,00 zl
Baladna Kwasek Cytrynowy 200gBaladna In stock
Baladna Liść laurowy 10g - Firasek
Sale price5,70 zl
Baladna Liść laurowy 10gBaladna In stock
Baladna Melasa z Granatów 690g/500ml - FirasekBaladna Melasa z Granatów 690g/500ml - Firasek
Baladna Mielony Czarny Pieprz 65g - FirasekBaladna Mielony Czarny Pieprz 65g - Firasek
Sale price11,60 zl
Baladna Mielony Czarny Pieprz 65gBaladna In stock
Save 5%
Baladna Mieszane Konserwowe 650g - FirasekBaladna Mieszane Konserwowe 650g - Firasek
Sale price12,30 zl Regular price13,00 zl
Baladna Mieszane Konserwowe 650gBaladna In stock
Baladna Noodles Zupka Curry 75g - FirasekBaladna Noodles Zupka Curry 75g - Firasek
Sale price1,00 zl
Baladna Noodles Zupka Curry 75gBaladna In stock
Baladna Noodles Zupka Kurczak 75g - FirasekBaladna Noodles Zupka Kurczak 75g - Firasek
Sale price1,00 zl
Baladna Noodles Zupka Kurczak 75gBaladna In stock

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