Zaatar z Sumakkem (Tymianek)  500g
Zaatar z Sumakkem (Tymianek)  500g

Zaatar z Sumakkem (Tymianek) 500g

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BALADNA thyme is one of the finest thyme crops famous in the Levant and free of genetically modified materials. It is characterized by its Syrian Aleppo taste. It is available in several distinctive flavours and ready to be served with or without additives as desired.

Warning :

Recommended not to be eaten by people who have allergic to sesame 

Safety Warning :

  • Keep in a cool, dry place away from fire heat, sunshine and smells
  • Must be consumed before the end the imprinted expiry date, see the lid
  • This product is quickly damaged by moisture so it should be kept in a cool and completely dry place